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Feasibility Testing - at a glance

  • Reduces risk for client
  • Early results
  • FE model
  • Lash-up experiments

Feasibility Testing

Feasibility testing gives early results that either confirm that an idea will work or prove it will not. Feasibility is intended to reduce risk and reduce the cost to the client.

Feasibility testing generally involves two different activities:

  • Developing a mathematical model based upon the underlying physics or perhaps a numerical FE model.
  • Putting together equipment to test feasibility experimentally and quickly.

A scope of work for feasibility testing can be devised during a brainstorming session with a client. The scope should have clear criteria for deciding feasibility so that feasibility is in no doubt after testing.

Cambridge Ultrasonics expects to complete feasibility tests within a few weeks or months of starting a project, provided standard laboratory equipment can be used.