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Cambridge Ultrasonics
Cambridge, UK
Consultancy service in physics, electronics, maths & ultrasonics

Cambridge Ultrasonics

At a glance

  • Fixed-price service - cost-effective.
  • Time and materials - good for adapting to change.
  • Electronic design - analogue, digital, hardware, software, CPLD, FPGA.
  • Feasibility testing - analysis in physics, mathematics, numerical modelling, electronics, Matlab, finite elements, ultrasonic visualization.
  • Signal processing - signal detection, decision making, expert systems, communications, statistical analysis, FFT.
  • Software development - C/C++/C#, VHDL, Windows applications, database, data acquisition.
  • Technical audit - review of third party projects.
  • Visualization of ultrasound - experimental testing of transducers in air, water and glass. Super high-definition videos.
  • Reporting and patents - technical writing in high quality technical English.
  • Lash-up feasibility testing - early experimental feasibility testing.
  • Prototype development - electronic design to meet international standards.
  • Production prototype design - detailed testing, bug fixing, product design, ergonomic analysis, CE marking.
  • Vector impedance testing of components.
  • Monitoring buildings for transmission of noise including ultrasound.


Cambridge Ultrasonics offers a R&D consultancy service to its clients that can adapt to clients' needs.

Many clients like our offer of fixed-price contracts for defined scopes of work. This approach is often cost-effective for the client but more importantly the client knows the limit of its commitment at the start of the project.

Contracts can also be based upon time and materials. This approach is the most flexible for the client and allows us to adapt quickly to changing requirements.