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Cambridge Ultrasonics
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Cambridge Ultrasonics

Related resources

  • “Light emitting diode as a short duration stroboscope – application to visualizing ultrasound” Andrews, D.R., J Phys E: Sci Inst 10 (1977).
  • “Light emitting diodes as short duration light sources” Hutchings, I.M., Andrews, D.R., Proc 13th Int Congress on High Speed Photography and Photonics, Tokyo (1978) 222-5.

Press Releases

  • New 5LS stroboscope
    Cambridge Ultrasonics started internal trialing of its new 3-LS stroboscope in January 2011. This worked well but we have decided to further enhance performance by making the 5-LS with five light sources in one stroboscope. We now have a new prototype. It is hoped the product will go on sale in 2014. The high performance stroboscope is intended for research and industrial applications and will be competitively priced. It has five light sources, unlike most other stroboscopes with just one light colour. All light sources are advanced solid-state devices providing: bright RGB any-colour light (incoherent),  small source red (120 lumen incoherent) and an optional infra-red (60 W pulsed  laser coherent). The 5-LS has a shortest light flash of 5 ns duration enabling it to freeze the motion of very fast events. It also has digital synthesized timing control making it very accurate and stable in operation. It has three modes of operation. In the simplest mode the 5-LS strobe follows an external trigger signal. In the advanced mode of operation the 5-LS is controlled by a Windows program using a USB interface. In the third mode of operation, menu allows the user to control the 5-LS. The device is small, powered from 12 V DC and is intended for research and university teaching but can also be used in industrial applications.