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Cambridge Ultrasonics encourages its staff to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with the public.

  • Comsol Conference, September 2014
    Staff attended this specialist finite element modelling conference presenting an oral presentation, poster and a written proceedings paper entitled "Modelling of Ultrasonic Transducers and Ultrasonic Wave Propagation for Commercial Applications using Finite Elements with Experimental Visualization of Waves for Validation". View the paper.
  • Bristol University student gets first class honours degree in Computer Science, July 2014
    A student who has been studying at Bristol University for 4 years has graduated with first class honours in Computer Science in July 2014. The student was supported 100% financially by Cambridge Ultrasonics for both fees and subsistence. The student also worked during summer vacations for Cambridge Ultrasonics and was due to take full-time employment with us but unfortunately he did not want to continue the arrangement. We are very proud of his achievement in his educaiton although disappointed he did not want to stay with us but we wish him well in his future career.
  • University Foundation Training, September 2013 to July 2014
    Cambridge Ultrasonics gave intensive training of a post A-level student from Hills Road 6th Form College in Cambridge for a year. This particular student achieved an A-grade in electronics at his first attemmpt in the summer of 2013 but his grades in physics and mathematics were lower than needed to get to university. The student was given experience of commercial work in industry as well as being taught on a daily basis in a small group, focusing on maths and physics. He retook three A-level examination papers in physics and three in maths in the summer of 2014 and boosted his grades in those papers to a A/B level to be accepted to study Electronics at the University of York, where he is now studying full-time. This student is also being supported financially by Cambridge Ultrasonics during his university education. We hope he comes to join the business when he graduates.