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Cambridge Ultrasonics
Cambridge, UK
Consultancy service in physics, electronics, maths & ultrasonics

Cambridge Ultrasonics

Other information

  • Cambridge Ultrasonics was founded in 1987.
  • The business was started in King's College London and relocated to Cambridge in 1994.
  • The majority of staff have degrees from Cambridge University in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering.
  • Technical staff generally have PhDs with many years experience.


Cambridge Ultrasonics works with its clients to provide unique skills in research and development in the fields of: ultrasonic techniques, physics, electronic design, mathematics, numerical modelling and novel software algorithms.

Our goals are:

  • To provide a high quality research and development service to our clients.
  • To be a centre of excellence in physics, ultrasonic technology, electronic design and software development.
  • To minimize risk in research and development.
  • To provide clear ownership of intellectual property.

Our expertise areas are:

  • Ultrasonic techniques and methods.
  • Transducer design, construction and testing.
  • System analysis and design.
  • Finite element modelling of ultrasonic transducers, propagation and scattering.
  • Application of physics first principles to problem solving.
  • Mathematical analysis of physical problems relating to ultrasound.
  • High speed imaging combined with optical enhancement methods.
  • Analogue and digital electronic circuit design.
  • Software development.
  • Designing electronic instruments to meet international standards.
  • Experimental visualization of ultrasound.

Examples of previous clients and collaborators:

  • BMW.
  • Institut fur Massivbau, Technical University of Darmstadt.
  • Alcatel Espace.
  • Taywood Engineering.
  • SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.
  • Sonatest plc
  • The Queen's University Belfast.
  • University of Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Acciona Infraestructuras.
  • Hewlett Packard.
  • DX Tech.