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Cambridge Ultrasonics

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You are seeing sound in the video window. It is very unusual to see sound.

The videos accessible on this web-site are unique to Cambridge Ultrasonics. The experimental methods used to create them have been developed in-house.

The videos are either experimental observations or have been predicted using the finite element (FE) numerical modelling method. There is strong synergy between the experimental observation method and FE modelling. Experiments can be used to validate FE models, which gives confidence in the FE results.

Videos of experimental observations were taken using Cambridge Ultrasonics' visualization equipment. The ultrasonic waves are viewed in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction in which the waves are travelling.

The video player uses the JavaScript language. You will need  to set your internet browser program to allow JavaScript to view the videos.

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  • Play list - a drop-down control - click on the far-right of the video to select a new video. The video selection will otherwise continuously cycle through all videos currently available.
  • Play/Pause - when the mouse cursor is over the video window a Play/Pause icon appears in the video, click here to pause or continue the video.
  • Progress bar - shows how far each video has progressed - click on the left to pause or continue playing.