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Cambridge Ultrasonics
Cambridge, UK
Consultancy service in physics, electronics, maths & ultrasonics

Cambridge Ultrasonics

David Andrews

David Andrews

Other information

  • All full-time staff at Cambridge Ultrasonics are graduates.


Staff at Cambridge Ultrasonics are generally physicists, mathematicians or electronic engineers with several years of experience. The majority are graduates of Cambridge University, UK, and most have PhDs.

Executive Team

Dr David R Andrews

Managing Director, BSc, MSc, PhD, C Phys, CEng.

David Andrews is British and has over 50 years experience in electronics and physics, over 40 years experience in doing and managing R&D and over 30 years experience of running a high-technology consultancy business.

He was educated at Bristol University and Cambridge University (BSc Joint Honours Maths and Physics, Bristol 1975; MSc with commendation Physics of Materials, Bristol 1977; PhD Physics, Cambridge 1980). He first started working on ultrasound research in 1977.

David has also worked as: a research fellow at Cambridge University, as a research engineer for British Petroleum working on Arctic technology, as a senior R&D engineer in the Medical Division for Oxford Instruments and research fellow at King's College London.

He is the author of a number of patents and scientific publications (for example the chapter on "Ultrasonics and Acoustics" in the Encyclopedia of Physical Sciences and Technology, Academic Press). He is a chartered engineer, chartered physicist, he was a registered Science Ambassador for 10 years and regularly promoted science with the general public.