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  • See Products for more information about the 5-LS stroboscope.

5-LS stroboscope showing red light source active. The other light sources are infra-red laser light and RGB any-colour light.


  • Recent contract completed - technical review of novel ultrasonic basketball device October 2015
    Cambridge Ultrasonics was asked to perform a technical audit on a novel ultrasonic device for use in basketball for Los Angeles start-up business Tecniq. The work examined the ultrasonic design of a novel transmitter and receiver using theory, calculations and finite element modelling. Results showed the system should work but there were problem areas associated mainly with judging when ultrasonic waves arrive at the receiver and the power transmitted. There were also minor problems found in the multi-path transmission from the transmitter.The work was completed in about two months. Sandeep Hingorani, CEO of Tecniq commented, "There is not a doubt in my mind nor in my staff about the quality of the work done by Cambridge Ultrasonics. Great work!"
  • Opera singers and rock concerts - non-linear effects in air? From LinkedIn post 18th August 2015
    I went to a spaghetti opera restaurant many years ago and was impressed by the volume of the opera singer who stood next to me singing while I was eating - it was deafening! I had a similar experience at rock concerts when I was younger. Recent work I have done has made me suspect that non-linear propagation in air must be active when opera singers sing and when rock bands ... rock. Non-linear effects generate harmonics of the loud sound and the effect is progressive with distance (must be where the term "prog rock" came from). It all means that these sound sources get distorted and sound tinnier and the effect is greater the farther you are from the source (although frequency dependent absorption counteracts the effect). I'm fairly certain I have heard this effect does anyone agree? It would be nice to test the sound from an opera singer and a rock band and try to quantify the effect. If anyone from the Royal Opera House is reading this then please let me know; of if one of those rock band members with PhDs in physics is curious please also let me know. Non-linear effects have been exploited commercially so there are/were at least 2 loudspeakers that make use of them to provide highly directional (tinny sounding) sound - they are not hi-fi. It also raises the question for hi-fi speaker manufacturers of where listeners should sit to enjoy opera or rock music or other music and at what volume - are the non-linear effects unwanted distortion or are they part of the performance? Any comments?
  • YouTube videos posted March 2015
    Some new videos of ultrasonic waves travelling have been posted on YouTube.