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  • See Products for more information about the 5-LS stroboscope.

5-LS stroboscope showing red light source active. The other light sources are infra-red laser light and RGB any-colour light.


  • New White Paper - "When Does a Wave Arrive?" May 2017
    This collects together 7 articles that were posted on LinkedIn between October 2016 and May 2017. They present a light-hearted approach to the discussion of when does a wave arrive from the perspective of ultrasonci applications. No mathematics but analogies are drawn with trains used to transport human beings.
  • Recent contract completed - technical review and assembly of a novel high power ultrasound transducer November 2016
    A US business asked Cambridge Ultrasonics to perform a modal and static stress finite element analysis of a novel high power ultrasonic transducer design. The modelling identified that some changes to the design would be advantageous both for efficiency of ultrasonic operation and also to prevent possible failure due to static and dynamic stress concentration points. The client then had the parts of a prototype made and sent to Cambridge Ultrasonics for assembly and testing. Results were encouraging but further improvements were identified during testing. Testing included using the transducer to process the material of application with dirve powers approaching 1 kW. The client is making a second prototype that is intended to provide further improvements in performance with Cambridge Ultrasonics working alongside its R&D team to provide expert guidance and practical evaluation.
  • Recent contract completed - technical review of novel ultrasonic basketball device October 2015
    Cambridge Ultrasonics was asked to perform a technical audit on a novel ultrasonic device for use in basketball for Los Angeles start-up business Tecniq. The work examined the ultrasonic design of a novel transmitter and receiver using theory, calculations and finite element modelling. Results showed the system should work but there were problem areas associated mainly with judging when ultrasonic waves arrive at the receiver and the power transmitted. There were also minor problems found in the multi-path transmission from the transmitter.The work was completed in about two months. Sandeep Hingorani, CEO of Tecniq commented, "There is not a doubt in my mind nor in my staff about the quality of the work done by Cambridge Ultrasonics. Great work!"